Donkey Car

The self-driving car built to learn AI

Donkey car is a small-scale self-driving car. It is easy for people who have little knowledge of technology and Artificial Intelligence to use and learn with the car.

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Mobile App

The newly launched mobile app makes it more accessible and convenient to control the donkey car. A variety of features are available to let you get started more easily and quickly.

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We provide online courses and access to online materials for better understanding of Artificial Intelligence. These act as an extra support for our Donkey Car.

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What Can be Learnt?

AI application is everywhere, whether on the internet, commerce or workplace. You just can’t avoid it so why not learn more about it? Donkey car provides a visualization of complicated machine learning theories for you to learn about the concepts more easily!

  • Supervised learning
  • Reinforcement learning
  • Python programming
  • Social implication
  • AI techniques

Donkey Car is a really great activity in STEM education for students to learn about machine learning.

- Principal

Our Vision

Our future is all about technology. Artificial Intelligence is on the rise and STEM education is promoted among schools. In the era of Artificial Intelligence, we aim at achieving the following aspects through our AI education.


We hope to inspire our young generation and arouse their interest in Artificial Intelligence through the Donkey Car education project. The knowledge of AI is definitely useful in workplace.


We believe that self-driving cars are an excellent theme to be used to teach Artificial Intelligence and social implications such as ethical and legal issues.


We hope that students will make innovations from Donkey Car with their creativity. Some people made grass cutting machines and mosquito repellent machines from Donkey Car. Use your imagination to create something useful for our daily lives!