Mobile App

Donkey Car Simplified

Want to get started more easily and quickly
with Donkey Car? Try our new mobile app,
Robocar Controller! The app is designed to
provide a “commandless” user experience to
get started with the car.



Virtual Joystick

Drive instantly with the App

Get started quickly by using the virtual joystick in the app to control the car. It saves you the money and time to connect a physical joystick.


Visualize and preview data

Seamlessly review all the data and the metadata you have collected on the Pi. The app makes use of the donkey makemovie command to generate a video so you can review how the data look like.


Free and fast training service for autopilot

Submit the data to our training services to create an autopilot model within 10 minutes. The training service is currently FREE.

Built-in Hotspot

Join Wifi network with ease

Configure the car to join the Wifi network easily by connecting your phone to the built-in hotspot of the car. You can skip the complicated steps of Wifi connection in the traditional way.

Commandless Experience

Accessible for beginners with no technical background

You don’t have to worry about typing command lines to control the car. Our app will help you explore the functions of Donkey Car with just a few taps.

Advanced Configuration

Change parameters freely

The Donkey car software comes with a vast configuration that you can experiment with. Use the vehicle settings to make changes to these configurations easily.

User-friendly Interface

Do anything in one simple touch

The app provides a variety of features to control the car comprehensively.

  • Drive
  • Calibrate
  • Autopilot
  • Train
  • Drive summary
  • Virtual joystick
  • Video recording
  • Wifi connection
  • Battery level and protection

Download the app and try it with your Donkey Car!

Quick Start Guide

Check out our Robocar Controller Quick Start Guide to get a step-by-step guide on how you can use the app.


User Experience

King's College

It is not  difficult to learn the techniques and theory since the workshop included all basic knowledge.
It is very interesting to make and operate the Donkey Car. 
- Student from King's College


The Donkey Car training workshop is interesting and useful. The workshop inspires me to use Donkey Car in my AI lessons.
- Participating Teacher