Our tailor-made online courses and supplementary materials
allow teachers and students to get a better understanding of
machine learning. The courses are divided into different levels
to cater for the needs of different technical backgrounds.

Donkey Cars act as teaching tools to assist in the learning of
“Machine Learning”. You can learn more about the theories and
practical techniques of machine learning with our online resources.

STEM in Classroom - Donkey Car

Ever feel drained by thinking how to start a machine learning class with inspiring activity?

Machine learning is still an ongoing research topic which is tentative. To deliver a course successfully, teachers not only have to spend a lot of time to do research on current development, but are also troubled by the lack of activity resources support.

As such, why not to consider our comprehensive teaching package?

We provide free online training course to teachers, including:


Online lectures with detailed lesson materials

Teaching recommendations

Suggested analogy and graphical illustration to visualize hard and dull concepts


A well organized curriculum framework connecting discrete ML theories to something students can start with

Activity implementation

  • Worksheets with suggested solution to consolidate lesson knowledge
  • Guiding questions to lead students’ logical flow
  • Reflections to inspire critical thinking 
Sample WorksheetGQ Examples

Our comprehensive pedagogical resources for lesson delivery fluency enable teachers to enhance their own knowledge and prepare themselves well to give lessons with materials provided.

Why Learn with Donkey Car?

ML is a trend that people in all walks of life will encounter in the future. Using donkey car as a medium, you can learn:

  • Challenging but amusing learning experience through problem-based scientific investigation
  • Learn hands-on practical techniques in machine learning
  • Connect to society and the latest technology

What Can You Learn?

Pre-university engineering and computer science skills

Fundamentals of machine learning

Python in deep learning

Socio-economic impact of ML

Start an ML Class

Wondering what you can do for STEM education in school? Our Donkey car education project provides everything you need to organize a machine learning class effortlessly.

What we have:

Donkey car and track

Curriculum and teaching materials

Teaching guide for lesson implementation

Technical support

Just simply take our online course and follow our teaching guide and you are ready to start a machine learning class. We also provide teaching materials like worksheets and guiding questions for teachers to distribute to students.

Check out our free teaching resource samples!

Teaching Samples

Organize a Donkey Race in Your School

Virtual league held on simulator or Real car race on track

  • Encourage your students to develop advanced ML techniques
  • Join our donkey car community if you are interested to be a ML developer
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Learning artificial intelligence through experiment with self-driving cars can definitely enable students to experience the development and powerfulness of artificial intelligence.

Apart from the application of techniques, teaching self-driving can relate to ethical and legal problems which allow students to have a more comprehensive mind of AI application and challenges of future development. 

- Hong Kong New Emerging Technology Education Association

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