Donkey Car S1
Donkey Car S1
Donkey Car S1
Donkey Car S1
Donkey Car S1
Donkey Car S1
Donkey Car S1
Donkey Car S1
Donkey Car S1
Donkey Car S1

Donkey Car S1

The self-driving car built to learn AI

Are you looking for a tool to learn more about AI and machine learning? Donkey Car S1 is a pre-assembled, ready-to-use self driving car. It is one of the most popular self-driving projects used by academics, technology companies and research institutions. It is made for you to learn AI through a hands-on and engaging experience. Start learning, along with the comprehensive education package we offer!

  • Affordable solution to learn AI and self-driving car

  • Understand and explore how machine learning algorithms work through experiments

  • Train an AI agent to autopilot an RC car within a short period of time

  • Powered by a Raspberry Pi, a camera and open source software

  • By using a PCB called Donkey HAT, no longer have to use jumper wires and  worry about connecting the wrong pin

  • Comes with a 0.91 inch OLED display, which can display Donkey Car information such as IP address and other vehicle information

Important Note 1: The latest update to the Donkey Car S1 includes the introduction of a PCB known as the "Donkey Hat". Unfortunately, this update has resulted in a compatibility issue where the car shell cannot be attached to the car as before, so it doesn't include the car shell and stickers anymore.

Important Note 2: You need a power bank to power-up the raspberry pi. Because of courier restrictions we cannot provide it with the car. There is enough space for you to put the power bank of various shapes on the base plate. Please refer to the following website for more details:

Important Note 3: This product is shipping from Hong Kong. You'll get a quote of the shipping cost during checkout. The shipping cost does not include any customs duty or tax from your country. You are responsible for any customs duty or tax incurred from your country.


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    Data collection

    Use the built-in camera to collect thousands of images as the training dataset

    Model Training

    Create a ML model that mimics your driving style


    Let the ML model takes the wheel. Further improve the models by experimenting different ML techniques

    What can you learn?

    Fundamentals of Machine Learning

    Supervised learning
    Experiment data collection, training and test autopilot in 30 minutes

    Reinforcement learning
    Use a simulator and train a reinforcement learning agent, just like Google DeepMind trained Alpha Go

    Python Programming

    Learn Python programming by building additional capabilities on Donkey Car. Starting from simple tasks such as adding a simple line detector, lap timer to advanced functions like avoiding obstacles and detecting traffic signs.

    Advanced Capabilities

    Explore advanced capabilities developed by the community such as stop sign recognition, voice recognition and more

    Social Impact

    The emergence of artificial intelligence and self-driving car poses different impacts on society.

    • Ethics: Accidents will be programmed into designated death in an inevitable situation
    • Legal problem: Who is responsible when the car violates traffic rules?
    • Social impact: Discussion on Universal Basic Salary, unemployment, transformation from car ownership to transport-as-a-service

    Machine Learning with Donkey car

    Visualize abstract machine learning concepts

    Want to teach students machine learning theories but find them hard to explain? Get Donkey car to assist you in STEM learning activities. Donkey car helps students visualize complicated concepts and turns abstract ideas into something more real.

    Hands-on experience in machine learning

    Students can learn and perform practical techniques in different experiments through a hands-on and engaging experience.

    It is very interesting that Donkey Car can drive autonomously after surrounding the place for around ten laps.
    Introducing AI courses in schools is a relatively new idea and they are great to be included in the STEM curriculum.

    - Hugo Sir, Hong Kong Professional Teachers’ Union

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     Mobile App

    Download our app to control your Donkey car!

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    Tech Specs


    HSP 94186


    Raspberry Pi 4B

    Printed Circuit Board

    Donkey HAT

    SD Card

    16GB Micro SD Card


    Wide Angle Raspberry Pi Camera



    34 x 29 x 17 cm



    Battery life

    15-30 mins

    What’s in the box?

    • Donkey Car S1
    • NiMH Battery x 1
    • Charger
    • Sticker
    • Quick Start Guide
    • Disclaimer and Safety Guidelines

    Jetson Nano Edition is also available 

    Donkey Car S1 (Jetson Nano Edition)

    • Powered by Jetson Nano
    • Run faster and more sophisticated models



    Run your Donkey Car on the official track

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    Physical joystick:
    Logitech F710

    A ‘gaming’ experience on driving the car

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    Google Coral USB Accelerator

    High speed inference

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