Donkey HAT

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The Donkey HAT is a simple PCB designed by Chris Anderson to simplify the process of building your Donkey Car. By using Raspberry Pi’s built-in hardware PWM and PiGPIO library, it provides convenient connectors to connect to servo and ESC. By using Donkey HAT, you no longer have to use jumper wires and you don't have to worry about connecting the wrong pin. Also, using built-in hardware PWM means that you don't need to use PCA9685 anymore.
The Donkey HAT also comes with a 0.91 inch OLED display, which can display Donkey Car information such as IP address and other vehicle information. It works perfectly with the Donkey Car OLED part.
Features and Specifications:
  • Product Compatibility
    • Raspberry Pi 4B. Jetson Nano is not supported.
  • Connectors and Display
    • One 0.91 inch OLED display
    • One 3-pin connector for servo
    • One 3-pin connector for ESC
    • One 3-pin connector for encoder
    • Two 3-pin RC input
  • Physical Dimensions

    • Length: 65 mm
    • Depth: 57 mm
    • Height: 30 mm