DIYRobocars Standard Track

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*Track is made to order, the lead time for shipping out will be 3-7 days.*

DIYRobocars Standard Track printed on plastic banner.

Easy to setup. You can have your track ready in seconds. Perfect for running a local meetup or teaching students in school.

*Updated design uses green for area outside the track.*

4 different sizes available:

  • 40%: HK$1,200
    • Dimension: 3.0m x 5.0m
    • Lane Width: 0.72m
    • Weight: 5kg 
  • 60%: HK$1,800
    • Dimension: 4.5m x 7.0m
    • Lane Width: 1.08m
    • Weight: 12kg
  • 80%: HK$2,200
    • Dimension: 5.97m x 9.13m
    • Lane Width: 1.44m
    • Weight: 18kg
  • 100%: HK$2,850
    • Dimension: 7.46m x 11.42m
    • Lane Width: 1.80m
    • Weight: 28kg

      Dimension, Lane Width, and Weight are rough estimate and may have small variance in actual product.

      DIYRobocars Standard Track specification could be found here.

      Donkey Car running on a 40% track (old design):