Donkey Car S1 (Jetson Nano Edition)

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*Due to the shortage of some components, the lead time for shipping out will be 5-7 weeks.*

Are you looking for a tool to learn more about AI and machine learning? Donkey Car S1 is a pre-assembled, ready-to-use self driving car. It is one of the most popular self-driving projects used by academics, technology companies and research institutions. It is made for you to learn AI through a hands-on and engaging experience. Start learning, along with the comprehensive education package we offer!

  • Affordable solution to learn AI and self-driving car

  • Understand and explore how machine learning algorithms work through experiments

  • Powered by a Jetson Nano, a camera and open source software

  • Train an AI agent to autopilot an RC car within a short period of time

Tech Spec

  • HSP 94186 Brushed RC Car
    An RC car fully tested with the Donkey Car platform
  • Jetson Nano Development Board(4GB)
    The brain of the self driving RC car
  • Wide Angle Camera Compatible with Jetson Nano
    An IMX219 camera. The eye of the self driving RC car
  • 32GB Micro SD Card
    Storage for the Donkey Car platform and enough to hold training data for autonomous driving
  • Robo HAT MM1
    Act as a PWM driver, provide on-board power through voltage regulators at the same time
  • All other accessories
    NiMH battery and battery charger

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